The Rose 那朵玫瑰花

some say love 有人说

it is a river 爱是一条河
that drowns the tender reed 会淹没轻柔的芦苇
some say love 有人说

it is a razor 爱是一把剃刀
that leaves your soul to bleed 让你的灵魂流血

some say love 有人说

it is a hunger 爱是一种焦渴
an endless aching need 一种无尽的带痛渴求
i say love 而我说

it is a flower 爱是一朵花

and you , its only seed 而你 则是唯一的种子

it's the heart afraid of breaking 如果心儿害怕破碎

that never learns to dance 就永远无法学会起舞

it's the dream afraid of waking 如果害怕从美梦中醒来

that never takes the chance 就永远也抓不住机会

it's the one who won't be taken 一个人如果不愿被索取

who can not seem to give 貌似也不会给予

and the soul afraid of dying 如果灵魂害怕死去

that never learns to live 就永远学不会怎么去活着

when the night has been too lonely 当夜晚太过漫长

and the road has been too long 当前路太过遥远

and you think 或者当你认为

that love is only for the lucky and the strong 只有幸运者和强者才有资格得到爱的时候

just remember in the winter 你要记得

far beneath the bitter snow 在厚厚的积雪底下

lies the seed 一颗种子一直都在那里躺着

that with the sun's love 等阳光洒下

in the spring becomes the rose 春天里,它会绽放成最美的玫瑰

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